Staircase Jargon

Staircase jargon and terminology can get confusing. To help we have created a labelled diagram, that lists each component and their purpose. Many of the components are interchangeable, so why not take a look at our interchangeable components page to help you fully customise your own staircase.

1. Newel Cap

Choose from our range of decorative caps to top off your newels and add the finishing touches to your staircase.

2. Newel Post

These upright posts are an integral part of your staircase that provide support to your staircase, handrails and balustrade.

3. Handrail                

This is the graspable part of your balustrade and can be either between newel posts or mounted on a wall using brackets.

4. Baluster/Spindles

These are the upright components within your balustrade, which are equally spaced between your newel posts. They are fitted into the capping/baserail and to the underside of your handrails.

5. String

Your stair strings are the pieces of timber that are on each side of your staircase to house the treads and risers, these are routed out on state-of-the-art CNC machines for accuracy and consistency.

6. Apron Lining

Apron lining is the material used to face up any exposed joists around your stairwell when you are not wanting to use plasterboard. This can either be in a solid timber, MDF or a veneered sheet material to match your staircase.

7. Riser

Risers are the vertical part of the staircase between each of your treads.

8. Capping/Baserail

Capping refers to either string capping or base rail. String capping sits upon your strings and baserail sits on the floor around your stairwell landing. Both rails have a groove to accept your balusters / spindles forming your balustrade.

9. Tread

Stair tread is the horizontal part of your staircase on which you step on.

10. Feature Step

A feature step is normally one or two of the bottom steps. These can be shaped as a bullnose or curtail. On either one or both sides of the staircase.