If you cant improve


Summer is traditionally a popular time for house moves – but not this year. The economic turmoil and uncertainty have created a general feeling of anxiety which has spread to the housing market, dampening demand. Many potential buyers and sellers are playing it safe and opting to stay put until things start to settle down.

So if you can’t move, what do you do? Maximising the value of your current home could be the solution in the short term. Not only will you be able to enjoy more pleasant surroundings in the meantime, but you will also put yourself in an better position to make a quick sale.

There is no better place to start than the staircase. Frequently neglected when it comes to home improvement, this is nevertheless the first thing visitors normally see when they come into your property. Replacing dated spindles for more modern ones can make a big difference to your stairs. There are many designs available, ranging from wrought iron-effect to both traditional and modern style wooden spindles. Glass panels, in particular, have seen a huge increase in popularity due to their light-enhancing properties.

To complete the look, you could add a new handrail and newel caps.

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