Caring for your Oak stairs

Caring for your oak staircase

Oak staircases are our most popular staircase style and it’s easy to see why it’s so on-trend. Not only is it strong but the warm colour and beautiful natural grain make it one of the most attractive hardwoods which can give your home an elegant and timeless look whether in a traditional or contemporary setting. Caring for your oak staircase will prolong both its beauty and its “Wow Factor” Staircase maintenance is easy but with these pointers will keep it looking new for longer. Try to avoid wearing shoes on your oak staircase which can introduce and compress grit into the stairs and cause scuff marks, as can dog claws. Heeled shoes also compress more weight over a smaller surface area which can be detrimental to your stair treads. You can mitigate the impact of shoes and pets by carpeting your stairs or adding a runner to reduce the amount of wear on the treads whilst leaving the attractive wood visible. 

Unless a particular finish is requested, our oak staircases are unfinished ready for site installation. Your stairs receive a lot of wear and tear so it keeps your staircase looking good, it helps to reduce the build-up of grit and dust, which can cause damage over time. This can be done with regular brushing or vacuuming of the treads and by wiping the stringers and balustrade with a clean, dry cloth (avoiding any cleaning agents or solvents which can damage the lacquer). If needed a clean damp cloth can be used and the area then dried with a soft, dry cloth. Handrails should also be wiped down with a clean cloth to reduce the build of dirt and grease from hands. Please take care when mopping floors at the base of the stairs as the cleaning fluids, dirt and the abrasive act of mopping can damage the lacquer or paint at the base of the stairs. Glass balustrades can be cleaned like any other glass in your home. Remember, glass is for looking through, not looking at. That said, you’ll be sure to want it looking clear and smear free. Take care to ensure any glass cleaning liquid does not overspray or drip onto the wood as this could cause damage to the lacquer. You may also choose to remove rings and bracelets to reduce the chances of scratching the glass while cleaning.

 Sunlight and your stairs
Many kinds of wood such as oak can change colour with age and can be bleached by the ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight. These are not faults but just natural properties of wood. It is best to mitigate against this with blinds or curtains where possible. If you have ornaments or other objects placed on the surface of the wood, ensure they are moved periodically and carefully into a different position to avoid discolouration in the shape of the object in the surface.

Temperature and Humidity
The timber we use is kiln dried and like all wood can move slightly over time as the timbers settle, this is completely normal. Exposure to humidity (such as damp) or extremes in temperature can cause the timbers to crack, split, twist or warp. As a rule, if you are comfortable in your surroundings, your staircase should be too.

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