Loft Stairs

Loft Stairs

These days, many people are choosing to extend their existing home, rather than go through the upheaval, not to mention cost, of moving house. In most cases, the obvious place to extend is through the roof, creating extra living space beneath the eaves. Obviously, this type of conversion presents the need to incorporate an additional staircase into the first floor to enable access to the loft, which unfortunately can sometimes involve eating into habitable space. Common approaches to integrating an additional staircase include:

Continuation of the existing staircase (doubling back on itself)

Cutting off a section of an upstairs room

This configuration is generally the most preferable option, as it utilises the ‘dead’ space above the ground to first floor staircase and is in-keeping with the existing flow of the home. The only constraint on this type of staircase would be the available headspace.

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