Space and Light

Space and Light

Beautiful Oak and Glass Staircase

When there is an abundance of natural light available in your property, your interior design has the opportunity to capitalise on the bright atmosphere.  Glass has gone from strength to strength in the staircase industry and it is easy to see why. Here you can see that the design is making use of embedded glass, this means that the glass is sitting in a groove in both the base rail and handrail. This gives the impression from a distance that there is not a balustrade at all, rather just a floating handrail. An alternative to this option is that the glass instead sits within chrome or brushed glass clamps on the base rail and handrail.

With this project it was important for us to maximise floor and the natural light from the window. We also knew we would need to incorporate a turn in the staircase. The warm colours and textures of exposed timber surfaces come to life in these conditions, meaning a solid wood staircase can be an effective addition. Often customers will simply use a clear satin varnish, however, if you are trying to match an existing wood in the house then this wood is still ideal as you are free to stain it down to the ideal colour that you are looking for.

This oak and glass staircase was created over 3 floors, it really is a striking staircase for any property.